¿Who is Antonio Araya?My name is Antonio Araya and this isn’t the place where I’ll bore you with everything I do from 9-to-5, it’s the place where I’ll write about what I think, believe and, in short, passionate about.

I studied Advertising, I was born in Santiago Chile but live in Montevideo, Uruguay, and working for PedidosYa, an online food ordering service as Head of SEO. I have always liked everything we call online, I’ve developed several amateur projects before devoting myself professionally to digital marketing. After my graduation I had the opportunity to work in what I do now, SEO a.k.a. Natural Search Engine Optimization.

My bike is my takes me to my next challenge at the office as well as serve as the chariot for my escape – a bragging right of mine are the kilometers I put on my bike touring city. You might think I do a lot of physical activity, but it’s not the case, rather I’m a regular ol’ couch potato, watching movies, TV series and spending some time with my friends playing video games or just having a good time.

Today I’m dedicated and focused on improving and honing my skills as marketer, discover new places in the world, always being happy in life… after all, that’s what we’re all looking for isn’t?

Comments related to this site? write me in the contact form at your right – What I expressed here represents my own point of view and not necessarily those of my employer. You can reach me at @antonioaraya for a quick “hello!”, or also you can contact me at LinkedIn if is something more formal. I’ll be happy to talk with you whatever your comments may be!